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DESIGN: Hyde Architects Design a Photographers Dream House

Welsh architectural practice Hyde + Hyde Architects transformed an unused quarry into a residential area where they built a unique home for a photographer on the edge of Brecon National Park in Pontypridd, Wales.

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April 25th! Be there!
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Couple years back exploring Singapore

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Alex MacLean's Mesmerizing Aerial Photography


Bird's Eye View of Daisy Docks

Source: Huffington Post

Alex MacLean’s photography is unique to say the least. Unlike most of his peers, as both a photographer and pilot, MacLean takes most of his pictures by sticking a camera out of the cockpit window of his Cessna 182 plane. With such an incredible vantage…


Iggy Azalea in Billboard.


Movie night?

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Whoa this is actually powerful

Cee Lo “Cry Baby” shoot
So much fun! And I kept my cool. Lol
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Hope all is well bro
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Be there! April 25th!  (at Movement Lifestyle Studio)