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Cee Lo “Cry Baby” shoot
So much fun! And I kept my cool. Lol
#tbt shooting @balexanderofficial 
Hope all is well bro
#tbt w/ this goofball! @sashabrens
Be there! April 25th!  (at Movement Lifestyle Studio)

#tbt from operation #JustGoShoot with an iPhone and a tripod in Paducah KY

#tbt specially for @betzann lol
Beg classes at @drdancestudio (at Debbie Reynolds Studio)

#tbt to Manila & @drdancestudio couple years ago. (at Debbie Reynolds Studio)

#tbt Teaching at @drdancestudio Gotta get back. Miss it. (at Debbie Reynolds Studio)


"Comfort Inn Ending" (freestyle)

Written, performed, and story by Jhene Aiko.

Produced by No I.D.

Film Production by Yolande Geralds / Ketrina Askew for ArtClub Intl.

Directed by Topshelf Junior

#WBW with a whole lotta #WCW
By @candancebrown




Amazing displays of awesomeness by the amazing http://shaz-enrico.tumblr.com . S/O to Dougies , Terrio killin ‘em & Carltons.

Tumblr fam. Follow this guy immediately


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"Somewhere along the way, R&B got lost—gatekeepers have recycled sounds and not kept up, musicianship has declined,“ she says. ”I really did want to make one of the greatest R&B albums of this year, but I want to innovate as well."

Classic beauty!


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Remember:  Being this historically bad is just as unique, and just as special, as being the best.  Here’s to the Worst Los Angeles Lakers that I, or anyone else, has ever seen.
Good riddance.  God, you make me sick.